WhatsApp: it has reached 700 million active users

More than 30 billion messages sent daily, to communicate on the App for smartphones. WhatsApp: chat Mobile, acquired by Facebook for 19 billion dollars, It confirms the first player for this type of app / chat on the phone. In August 2014, WhatsApp had 600 million active users. While today, WhatsApp: it has reached 700 […]

Snapchat is worth 10 Billion dollars

Snapchat, chat to mobile smartphones, it is the app of the messages that “self-destroy” after being read by users, collect additional funds: 486 million dollars, and increases its overall value. In just three years Snapchat worth 10 billion dollars. The news of the Financial Times. Assessments of technological start up, in U.S.A. (And never in […]

Amazon has lost 22% of its value in 2014

2014 was a bad year for both Amazon and for its founder Jeff Bezos. The worst for Amazon since 2008 when stock titles have lost -44%. The news of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Jeff Bezos, Amazon has 84 million shares (18.3% of the company) with a current value of 26.1 billion dollars. In 2014, […]