Analyzes Procurement OnLine in 2011 on the Web

Research by: Nextplora: “Make ends meet on the Internet”, It explores the reasons and methods of use of the Internet for online purchases. analyze: – The potential response to the crisis – The investigation of the deal and savings – The easiest way to access the whims satisfaction and impulse purchases. Internet is chosen, the […]

Samsung has sold: 300 million smartphones in 2011

The best selling product in 2011, Galaxy S II, with 10 million units sold. According to data from Strategy Analitics: Samsung, the South Korean company, in the third quarter of 2011, it had sold 27.8 million copies in the world, surpassing Apple (17.1 million). Smartphone Samsung 300 million sold worldwide, is the current record of […]

Censis: 53.1% of Italians use the Internet

The web users in 2011 exceeded the 50% of the population, reaching the 53.1% threshold: – 87.4% youth – 15.1% elderly This is a report in the 45th Annual Report of Censis on Italy’s social situation which shows that require the user to choose and decide on the date to suit your needs. Uses of […]

More than 2.3 million registered .com sites

These are the figures released by the ( (the registry office of the National Institute domains of Informatics and Telematics (IIT) of the National Research Council in Pisa). The average is about 42,000 records per month (compared to 36,000 in 2010). Approximately 17% is the average monthly increase in new registrations with .com domain