Audiweb – In October 2011: 27.3 million online Italian

Active users in the month of October 2011: 27,274,000 active users on an average day: 13124000 Time spent in average per person daily (hours: minutes): 1:21 Page views on average per day per person: 160 most important hourly bands: ————————————————– ——- 1) from 18:00 to 21:00: 6851000 * users connected to the Internet 2) from […]

21 million subscribers in Italy on Facebook

From where users connect? 13 million use it every day, and these: 7.5 million of users connect to Facebook from Mobile (Smartphone, and other devices) (Extrapolated data by the Observatory Facebook (Facebook / Ads)) while total users, who use the mobile device’s network, according Audiweb, has 9 million people. Also according to Audiweb data, the […]

USA: Sales OnLine at + 24.3%, in the Black Friday

For the uninitiated: What is Black Friday (Black Friday)? Black Friday is a particularly important day for trading in the United States. It is a good indicator for both the predisposition to purchasing, both for the ability of US consumer spending, and is carefully observed and expected by all financial analysts is that the stock […]